Fuck Enlightenment: A Hypocrite’s Beat-Sermon by Netanel Miles-Yépez



fuck enlightenment

worst ego-trip going

ban the shit word

for all eternity and more

ruined forever

in the marketplace

of spiritual materialism

what does it matter

trying to squeeze eternity

into a stupid body of flesh

as it were ever absent

dumbass effort forced

inside of every    thing 

outside of every    where

social media gurus

thumping twitter feeds

with their realization

self-promoting icons

of spiritual celebrity

more spiritual than you

more fucked-up than me

what does it matter

without love to guide it

to make it humble

beautiful in obscurity

a rare flower picked

and disturbing the universe

what do you charge

for your stolen teachings

what did you ever give for them

what did you hold back

as you put them in your pocket

what was the bride-price

you acquired and spent

for selling this holy innocence

was it ever yours to sell

buy it back for god’s sake

with everything you have

buy it back for god’s sake

from enlightenment.com

from its stupid shoppers

who know no fucking better

invest in her happiness

pay for it with your humility

teach her to value herself

fuck a roof over your head

if you have to buy it with

such spiritual hypocrisy

work in the world of needs

which wants your love

more than your talk of love

when will we learn that

it can sound true and be false

that’s how the devil’s hasidim grow

surprised to find themselves devils

or standing silently among them

dervishes whirling around an ego

purchased with a tombstone hat and shawl

with beads to measure accomplishment

what did it cost you to become

so ‘pure’ and so ‘pious’ so quickly

hasidim proud of beards and covered wives

hypocrisy covered by a little cloth and facial hair

buddhist monks hawking peace and malas for a price

stalking victims for the tibetan dharma industry

hindu devotees   stop advertising your stupid names

walk skyclad without them just john and mary

how did we ever become these

spiritual activists afraid of mirrors

spiritual teachers afraid of work

spiritual tourists   go for a walk

it will cost your family less

than your self-indulgence

for whom do i wear these robes

for whom do i say these words

for myself to my self to you and your self

your hypocrisy no better than mine

my ego no less swollen than yours

did you think i was only talking to you

fuck enlightenment and its petty price

we don’t need to pay for the shit anymore

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